Datenschutz english

1.     Limitation of Liability

The content of the present website was designed with utmost care. However, no warranty is assumed for the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the information provided on this site.

We as service providers of this website are liable for our own content on these pages in accordance with general laws. However, we as service providers are not under obligation to monitor external information/data submitted or stored on our website. Once we have become aware of a specific infringement of the law, we will immediately remove the content in question. Any liability concerning this matter can only be assumed from the point in time at which the infringement becomes known to us.


  1. Limitation of Liability for External Links

Our website contains external links. As the content of these websites is not under our control, we cannot assume any liability for such external content. In all cases, the provider of information of the linked websites is liable for the content and accuracy of the information provided. At the point of time when the links were placed, no infringements of the law were recognizable to us. As soon as an infringement of the law becomes known to us, we will immediately remove the link in question.

  1. Copyright

The content, works and information published on this website are subject to the German copyright laws. Any duplication, processing, distribution or any form of utilization beyond the scope of copyright law shall require the prior written consent of the author or authors in question. Unauthorized copying/storage of the information on this website is not allowed and liable to prosecution.

  1. Data Protection

A visit to our website can result in the storage of information about the access (date, time, page accessed) on our server. This does not represent any analysis of personal data (e.g. name, address or e-mail address).

If personal data are collected, this only occurs – to the extent possible – with the prior consent of the user of the website. Any forwarding of the data to third parties without the express consent of the user shall not take place.

The provider asks you to note that data transmission on the Internet (e.g. e mail) may have security gaps and a complete protection of the data against the access of third parties cannot be guaranteed. The provider does not assume any liability for damage caused by such security gaps.

The use of data by third parties for commercial purposes is expressively prohibited, unless the provider has previously given his consent. Furthermore, the provider reserves the express right to take legal action against unsolicited mailing, e.g. spam.



  1. Terms of Use for WLAN Internet Access at Girlinggut


The use takes place by entering a code which is only handed over to guests of Girlinggut who accept the following terms of use by confirming this with their signature.

The use is free of charge for the time spent on the premises of Girlinggut. However, Girlinggut does not take on any guarantee for the actual availability of online access. The code must not be passed on to third parties. The code expires after a certain period of time. In this case a new code can be requested. More information can be obtained at the reception.

By issuing the code, Girlinggut does not take on any commitments. The use is based on the technical possibilities. The user does not have any rights to use the Internet Guest-LAN in a particular way or for a particular period of time.

Any liability, especially for warranty and compensation (except for intent and physical injuries) is herewith excluded. In particular, no liability is assumed for the content of browsed websites or downloaded data. Furthermore, no liability is assumed for a possible virus attack caused by the use of the Internet Guest-LAN. The Internet Guest-LAN exclusively offers online access to users but does not provide any anti-virus protection or firewall.

Browsing websites with illegal content or distributing illegal or legally protected contents is forbidden. Furthermore, it is prohibited to use the Internet Guest-LAN to download or distribute contents protected by copyright.

Any misuse of Internet Guest-LAN, especially a use which entails legal consequences for third parties or Girlinggut, is forbidden.

In case that Girlinggut is exposed to claims of third parties due to the use of Internet Guest-LAN by the user, the latter is obligated to indemnify and hold Girlinggut harmless in that respect.

In case of violating the terms of use or if a violation is suspected, the use of Internet Guest-LAN can immediately be locked without giving any reasons. Any liability for loss of data is explicitly excluded.